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Chronicles of the cold

Early sunsets, warm tea, big sweaters and long lazy nights. With the world under the brumous cover of mother nature, chilly cold winds knock your door. Mystique is what this season is. But is that all? This is how the indescribable is described? The hot chocolate weather has got more to it than you can think.



Finally, I bottled you up one day. Threw you into an ocean. You, a result of a chasm. Between façade and fact. Now, you sail more restfully than ever. Sail away, as long as you want. Hope no hands find... Continue Reading →

Stolen Values

An intriguing story of a person’s life with values. Have you ever loved, or hated? Or have you experienced the two together? I've mostly found myself in the latter category. While most people adorn their wrists with bracelets and bangles,... Continue Reading →


  मैं! आसमान छूना चाहती थी तेरे हर सपने को, पूरा करना चाहती थी वो घर जो समुन्दर के पास देखा था, तुझे तोहफ़े में देना चाहती थी सोचा था इतना नाम करूँगी तुझे बेटे की कमी न खलेगी जब... Continue Reading →

An Enigmatic Voyage

Beyond the notion of infinite, Reciting the tales of Aphrodite. Deep into labyrinth of dreams, The Past where Grim Reaper screams. Into the cosmos and star dust, Wrapped up in love and lust. Truth where staggers and cries, The fire... Continue Reading →

An incomplete love story

He was reckless, a traveller of an endless journey. She- the synonym of serenity and tranquillity. She saw him and fell in love but never let him know Because she knew he craved for someone else. Like everybody else she... Continue Reading →

Three Years Of Modi

"The government belongs to all the people of the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Kutch to Kamrup," Modi said on May 16, 2014, in Vadodara after the BJP won the Lok Sabha election three years ago. "It is our... Continue Reading →

On Playing Fair in the World of Today

‘You’re naïve. It doesn’t work.’ That’s what they’ll say. When you tell them you’re playing fair, in the world of today. It’s not easy, oh not at all. I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve seen it first-hand- Quality... Continue Reading →

सबसे बड़ा है रोग , क्या कहेंगे लोग!

बेटा मेरा कुछ भी चाहे , मैं जो चाहूँ वही करवाऊंगी! अगर उसका बेटा डॉक्टर है, तो इसे इंजीनियर ज़रूर बनाऊंगी! अगर ऐसा मैं ना कर पाई, तो बाहर कैसे जाऊंगी? बच्चों का तो काम है ज़िद्द करना, मैं सबको... Continue Reading →

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