Oh, it’s such a beautiful dawn!
Beautiful birds all flitting around,

Soaring into the endless sky,

The vast, blue sky where my dreams lie:

Dreams of flying higher than birds,

Being a pilot of the mightiest worth,

And steering my parents around the world,

To Venice, to London and to Melbourne.


Yes, oh mama, I am wide awake,
There is no need to shout out in a state!
I’ll be up in moments, and ready for school,
Which is the roadway to my goal-
A roadway full of helpful signs
In the form of lessons and rhymes;
Now, only if I would abandon my trance,
I might as well stand a decent chance.


I love your warm and grand embrace,
And the kiss you plant on my face;
When I am back, you will be surprised
At what I have learnt in such less time;
Now, let me go, I am getting late;
Hold me in your eyes, and count on fate;
It’s just a matter of hours, you know:
Hours- I don’t know why I said so.


I saw in their eyes a million quashed dreams,
And a frightening, homicidal gleam;
Their beards deceived their nasty smiles;
May such hideous creatures be defiled!
They set her on fire, despite her protests,
I watched her burn down in a noble conquest;
Hoping against hope, the massacre I did see:
Bang! Bang! Bang! And the last was for me.


A bullet the size of a push back car
Shot into me and penetrated too far-
Turned the surprise for mama into shock,
Turned my papa as stiff as a rock;
Buried my dreams beneath dry ground,
A sky full of planes can no longer be found!
And before my friends and I could kick up dust and play,
Men with no dreams took all our dreams away!


Tanmay Sinha