A sheet of rain swept across the grounds,

Making that sweet musical sound,

To which his lover used to serenade,

Till the day when their love was to fade;


A distant breeze cackled in the trees;

‘Why on earth did our love have to freeze?’

His cry tried to echo throughout the place,

But was drowned by the rain that battered his face;


No more of her anger when he would be wrong,

No more of them talking together so long,

No more of her touch to ward off despair;

He wondered broken-heartedly, was it fair?


Reliving each moment with the greatest attention,

He tried to figure out the lapse in affection

That had sundered two souls that were meant to be;

His heart ached terribly at what he couldn’t see;


He attempted the puzzle with prospects but few,

But the rain tried to do what he never knew;

Never again would he be miserable and sore,

If he’d let the rain dissolve the face he wore.

Tanmay Sinha