And the river flows,
Carving its way,
Through the rough terrain.
Making the mighty rocks,
Crumble and humble
Before the will of it.
None can stand,
None can challenge this invincible.
Yet there stands a man,
Trying to survive the strongest force.
He stands,
Throwing pebbles,
“An imbecile, are you?”
Many mocked.
“No one can change the current.
No one can challenge its force!”, they remarked.
“A fool may be,
But try, that I shall.
Unlike the cowards,
Who cross to oblivion,
As the river flows.
Become a mere fading memory?
No. That how can I?
Try. That I can.
Try to create a ripple,
In this river so strong,
Hoping to make a difference to its indomitable current.
This I will.
And maybe,
I shall survive,
The ravages of this river. ”
He smiled.