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All literary works pierce the heart, these are those, which pierced deeper.

तो कुछ और बात थी

तन्हा सफर में वो साथ होती तो कुछ और बात थी । अलविदा उसने हाथ हिलाकर बहुत दूर से ही कह दिया, दो पल के लिए वो आग़ोश में होती तो कुछ और बात थी । मेरी हर कहानी में... Continue Reading →


The fault in ̶ ̶O̶u̶r̶… My stars

Lying down with sky roofing me I saw stars twinkling As if winking at each other Whirl gigging in their open secret affair Reminding me of someone I started to spun stars To weave a story of mine And there... Continue Reading →

Home? Maybe once

Home? You call this home? A place where we hardly talk Walls are there between rooms And between us too, away from we part ways   Home? You call this home? Tokens of love, once which were adored every day... Continue Reading →

~A love story~

I saw her, Sitting under a Gulmohar tree. Her hair flowing freely, Like a graceful waterfall reaching her back. Her eyes reflecting the morning sun, Her smile making me stall. She was barefoot. Clothed in a white dress. She seemed... Continue Reading →


On your first breath, I heard you. It was a small something. Significant as a flake of snow among many. But its soft spiraling shadows in the gentle light did fall upon the windowsills of every heart. It was a... Continue Reading →

The Tale of A-Merry-go land

Selected as the winner of 'Make Rostra Great Again!', a political satire writing competition in Rostra '18. This is the tale of A merry-go woodland, that lay somewhere beyond the valley of balance and Highlands of sanity. The usually mutually... Continue Reading →

Stolen Values

An intriguing story of a person’s life with values. Have you ever loved, or hated? Or have you experienced the two together? I've mostly found myself in the latter category. While most people adorn their wrists with bracelets and bangles,... Continue Reading →

An Enigmatic Voyage

Beyond the notion of infinite, Reciting the tales of Aphrodite. Deep into labyrinth of dreams, The Past where Grim Reaper screams. Into the cosmos and star dust, Wrapped up in love and lust. Truth where staggers and cries, The fire... Continue Reading →

An incomplete love story

He was reckless, a traveller of an endless journey. She- the synonym of serenity and tranquillity. She saw him and fell in love but never let him know Because she knew he craved for someone else. Like everybody else she... Continue Reading →

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