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Articles using supernatural elements as a main plot, setting or theme.


On your first breath, I heard you. It was a small something. Significant as a flake of snow among many. But its soft spiraling shadows in the gentle light did fall upon the windowsills of every heart. It was a... Continue Reading →



Finally, I bottled you up one day. Threw you into an ocean. You, a result of a chasm. Between façade and fact. Now, you sail more restfully than ever. Sail away, as long as you want. Hope no hands find... Continue Reading →

An Enigmatic Voyage

Beyond the notion of infinite, Reciting the tales of Aphrodite. Deep into labyrinth of dreams, The Past where Grim Reaper screams. Into the cosmos and star dust, Wrapped up in love and lust. Truth where staggers and cries, The fire... Continue Reading →

An incomplete love story

He was reckless, a traveller of an endless journey. She- the synonym of serenity and tranquillity. She saw him and fell in love but never let him know Because she knew he craved for someone else. Like everybody else she... Continue Reading →

खोखला स्वर्ग

आज उड़ते देखा एक पक्षी को मैंने, उड़कर आया वो मेरे पास, विस्मय में मैं डूब गया, जब उसने मुझसे मेरी भाषा में बोला "सुन इंसान, मेरी व्यथा समझ, मुझको ना आती है ये बात रास इतने जीव इस पृथ्वी... Continue Reading →


There she was struggling with how to comfort her heart, which has been stabbed many times both from front and back, but instead of blood gushing, it was sadness she was soaked with and depression trying to strangle her with... Continue Reading →


And the river flows, Unstoppable. Unwavering. Undaunted. Carving its way, Through the rough terrain. Making the mighty rocks, Crumble and humble Before the will of it. None can stand, None can challenge this invincible. Yet there stands a man, Fearless.... Continue Reading →

When The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

Books,let's talk of books was what he last said, Before on the smoky ruins lay his head, A million hopes; Lay shattered in the library, And library,concentration camps Of small books,of large books,of thin books,of fictions,of non-fictions,of science.. "None shall... Continue Reading →

The face he wore

A sheet of rain swept across the grounds, Making that sweet musical sound, To which his lover used to serenade, Till the day when their love was to fade;   A distant breeze cackled in the trees; ‘Why on earth... Continue Reading →

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