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On Playing Fair in the World of Today

‘You’re naïve. It doesn’t work.’ That’s what they’ll say. When you tell them you’re playing fair, in the world of today. It’s not easy, oh not at all. I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve seen it first-hand- Quality... Continue Reading →



And the river flows, Unstoppable. Unwavering. Undaunted. Carving its way, Through the rough terrain. Making the mighty rocks, Crumble and humble Before the will of it. None can stand, None can challenge this invincible. Yet there stands a man, Fearless.... Continue Reading →

Bangalore Days!

I was in Bangalore for my summer internship this year. Thrilled as I was having heard so much about the city, it has beautiful weather, the software industry and the nurturing ground it is for budding entrepreneurs, I was more... Continue Reading →

The Parent-Teacher Meet

As this dirty bus cuts in through the cold narrow lanes, I have nothing to do but to stare at the so-called nature's place.   The winter is good, but why does it try to force the poor tree out... Continue Reading →


They were the same eyes staring at him from sunken sockets, but there was something remarkably different about the way he felt. It was almost as if he was being quenched after a prolonged treatment, like coming together from atomic... Continue Reading →

मृत्यु की कल्पना!

यह कमाल की ही बात है ना कि हम अपनी ज़िंदगी में क्या कुछ सोच कर नहीं रखते हैं- मैं बड़ा होकर यह करूँगा, मैं बड़ा होकर वह करूँगा, मैं इस शहर में रहूँगा, मेरे पास इतनी गाड़ियाँ होंगी, मेरा बंगला नदी... Continue Reading →

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