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Articles where the theme or plot revolves around some sentimental longing or the wistful affection for a past period.

Remembering Sadaf Aunty

What was his name, your elder brother who shifted to Pakistan?”, I asked. I always keep forgetting his name. “Hasan Nawab. And the smaller one was Safdar Nawab.”, Sadaf aunty(my grandmother's friend) said. I nodded. She was telling me about... Continue Reading →



I let some boats sail away Once upon a time. I was eight, we gathered our herd, Silent builders at work, Near the neighbourhood big puddle. Each boat mightier than the previous Little drops on their mast bogged them. We... Continue Reading →


आंखों पर जब,आज बूँदें गिरी कुछ अलग सा एहसास हुआ। लगा ये कुछ कह रहीं हैं, नए दिन की शुरुआत की, दोस्तों से मुलाकात की। फिर से वही अटखेलियां, हंसना, बातें करना , पढ़ना, झगड़ना।। सोचकर ही हल्की सी मुस्कान,... Continue Reading →


They were the same eyes staring at him from sunken sockets, but there was something remarkably different about the way he felt. It was almost as if he was being quenched after a prolonged treatment, like coming together from atomic... Continue Reading →

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