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A tale of insanity

A loud thud and a scream, Steve lay dead in his house. It was the 20th of October.He was stabbed three times in his heart. It was a still evening; the scene lay untouched and quiet. The scream of sirens... Continue Reading →


Tale of Blood and Love

As I drink from my last living being, I am drawn to my sorrow filled memories. This all happened too fast; I could not stop myself from devouring my beloved. Now she has been banished to the fiery depths of... Continue Reading →

“Guinea Pigs”

As the fire burned, the putrid smell of flesh filled the room. Screams of agony were everywhere. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. In pain, there was a purity that could be found nowhere. All pretence... Continue Reading →

Vindictive Thoughts

Wrong are those people who say revenge is a hollow experience! On the contrary, it is a kaleidoscope of a wide array of emotions- anger, relief, contentment, ecstasy; all rolled into one. It is a drive stronger than passion and... Continue Reading →


There is this tragic horror tale that revolves around a house, about three houses away from my Kolkata residence. I had grown up there watching an old woman sit on the balcony of that one-storey house, everyday when I came... Continue Reading →

Finally, the day had come. Last three weeks had been a nightmare.  With every passing hour, her heart was escalating to new heights of anxiety. She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to curve her lips but today,... Continue Reading →

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