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For whoever said heroes don’t suffer.

The color of love, her mother said

She couldn't wait for the rain to pause, Hurriedly she tied her slimy mop. Her eyes glistering after decades, For today she would meet her sister.   She had received a tiny note, In return for the pages she wrote,... Continue Reading →



हारे पथिक की राह में, समय के उल्टे प्रवाह में, वो बेच रही है खुद को, बस सुनहरे भविष्य की चाह में । नीचे की गयी निगाह में, वक़्त बेवक़्त उठती आह में, सपने संजोती वो कल के दयनीय परिस्तिथियों... Continue Reading →

Stolen Values

An intriguing story of a person’s life with values. Have you ever loved, or hated? Or have you experienced the two together? I've mostly found myself in the latter category. While most people adorn their wrists with bracelets and bangles,... Continue Reading →


  मैं! आसमान छूना चाहती थी तेरे हर सपने को, पूरा करना चाहती थी वो घर जो समुन्दर के पास देखा था, तुझे तोहफ़े में देना चाहती थी सोचा था इतना नाम करूँगी तुझे बेटे की कमी न खलेगी जब... Continue Reading →


There she was struggling with how to comfort her heart, which has been stabbed many times both from front and back, but instead of blood gushing, it was sadness she was soaked with and depression trying to strangle her with... Continue Reading →

Remembering Sadaf Aunty

What was his name, your elder brother who shifted to Pakistan?”, I asked. I always keep forgetting his name. “Hasan Nawab. And the smaller one was Safdar Nawab.”, Sadaf aunty(my grandmother's friend) said. I nodded. She was telling me about... Continue Reading →

When The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

Books,let's talk of books was what he last said, Before on the smoky ruins lay his head, A million hopes; Lay shattered in the library, And library,concentration camps Of small books,of large books,of thin books,of fictions,of non-fictions,of science.. "None shall... Continue Reading →

खामोश कुछ अल्फ़ाज़

अगर कभी पन्नों के पास अल्फाज़ होते, क्या बताऊं फूट-फूट कर वो कितना रोते। बताते वो बीती हुई हर दर्द की वो दास्तां, जब कभी उनके पास तन्हा अकेले हम होते। कलम भी रुक जाती फिर देखकर वो कारवां, कहती... Continue Reading →


I knew this dark night will befall someday And engulf everything, Even my shadow will fall its prey. I am alone now that even my shadow is gone. All I am left is to be Empty, uncovered, lost and forlorn.... Continue Reading →

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